Redemption Day


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Recorded and Engineered by Mark Fede at 32 Rugg Road.
All songs performed live by The Owens.
All songs written by Larry and Randy.

Mixed at Rugg Road by Mark Fede and The Owens.
Mastered at Big Nice Studio by Bradford Krieger.

Recorded vocals and synths at home.


released February 24, 2017

Zenon Fragoso-Drums
Graham Arrick-Bass

And special thanks to Dan G for arriving when he did.
Will Mayo for hanging hard.



all rights reserved


THE OWENS Boston, Massachusetts

Larry, Randy, Brian, Dew

7/26 @ Obriens Pub
9/4 @ Portland, ME
9/10 @ Red Cross, WMA

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Track Name: Judgement Day
Thinking lowly of myself today but nothing happened yet.
my clothes all hate me anyways, nothing ever fits, everything always rips. I'lm feeling for a lump, I find one get scared so I jump back into the mirror, back into the mirror. When I'm dreaming, I recognize, familiar feelings in my waking life, in my waking life. When I see you, on the staircase, an interruption I tumble towards the wall, that's me know, at the bottom, that's me now. ~Lifespans~Lifespans When I see you on the stair case, an interruption 22 years from now, you might ask me, what my lifespan is and whats the span? Whats the plan?

Open your mouth and feel, what I feel now.
Track Name: Untitled
Can I seal it now, or is this it--some things I've done that I can't quit.
can I turn the page, or send it blank. look at you. sunshine new,
sunshine new- with no plans to come down. Trials, new ones.
can I just adjust and learn how to trust in nobody else?
Is it someplace warm, which you have swarmed in?
or are you
that frost
so your veins
can't open up.
Track Name: H.U.G.Z.
Good to know good to know we're fighting over a stick. It's good to have someone in mind that doesn't quite exist yet. It's ultimate cell phone bliss. And everyone we know was there, everyone we know who cared~up in the air~Came too soon. Shut up. Good to know good to know. That its ultimatums that keep me saying that keep me playing a game, with you
At the ball field the other day. Life though, it's mixture of wins.
Track Name: What I Know
Patience today. Nothings planned to get in the way. We're okay in seagulls and gray from the plane. Patience today, hoping again it finds its way to the same place and spirals to bliss. Previews of somethings I know that I used to be like. Somethings that I know just might grow back. Waiting for the things that I know I like. Waiting for the things that I know just might.
Track Name: Nothing To Try For
I think that's luck but that's just the score. You think I'm the one but I'm just one person. You think that's special but that's just the quo, don't ask it to do things you'll realize its fake and made up.

I think that's luck when the hands all make sense. These chips equate to my dead potential. And you think I'm, the one. When I know I'm not. Don't ask me to make a change, I won't do that.

I think that's luck when that's just the score. Been hanging my head down everyone tells me and everyone tells you, that I'm not the same as I was when we met, they're right. Now I'm lame. But I got a red couch that I'm gonna sit in because it's a symbol when you see me getting in it.

There's nothing to try for, nothing to try for anyways, nothing to try for.

You want to leave and you want to be there.
You can't have them both.
There's nothing you could put down that won't be spreading thin.
Track Name: Strings
Come to me in small doses,
opened up to what I've already been open to about you.
But I don't know this from a hole in the wall, though I'd like to.
And no strings are attached, but I will find my way back, like a moth goes to light.

We talk all night in small increments, long enough to burn out, an incense.
And in an instant we are gone for much too long.
But I don't know this neighborhood at all, I feel like I could learn.

And no strings are attached, but now you've got me thinking about my life right now, and what it means to stick around in our strings, wavering.

And back up to heaven now. Will they keep us connected now?
We lay in the dust now. It's all I can trust now, from these strings.

What's the mood ring showing? On the moon winds are blowing. They bubble down and into town. And I want to let you know, that I want to let it go.